Executive Level

Executive-level services are ideal for the following individuals:

  • You are a highly accomplished executive, earning more than $100k per year.
  • Your career background has shown consistent patterns of corporate growth and profitability.

Executives require exceptional résumés and follow-up correspondence to advance their careers and to present themselves effectively for upper-tier opportunities. Spot-On Résumés' executive-level services will focus on the following:

  • Detailing your senior-management capabilities and track record reflecting significant organizational growth.
  • Particularize your critical leadership milestones with measurable ROI illustrations when possible in order to quantify achievements.
  • Creating your personal brand by highlighting your unique value proposition, relevancy and distinguishing characteristics.

Résumé $175*
Cover $40
Bio $100
Thank-You $40

Special pricing will be provided if 2 or more services are purchased.

Please contact me at info@spotonconsulting.com for specific examples including before and after.

* Prices shown for resumes are beginning price points. Final pricing will depend on complexity, length, and other factors. Please contact me at info@spotonconsulting.com for exact pricing.